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Watch Repair

Wrist and pocket watches are an investment; they are a unique-style statement piece for men and women. These timepieces require ongoing maintenance and service to keep them running accurately, and that's where the Clockmaker can help.

The team at the Clockmaker is Swiss-trained; allowing them to service and repair most makes and models of antique and vintage pocket watches as well as modern manual-wind quartz, automatic wristwatches and chronographs.

Other services include:

  • Balance staffing and timing
  • Battery replacement – typically done while the Customer waits
  • Case finishing
  • Cleaning, oiling and polishing
  • Crystal (glass) replacement
  • Gasket replacement
  • Modern mechanical chronograph
  • Watch band adjustment
  • Waterproof testing and resealing
  • Wristwatch strap replacement – typically done while the Customer waits

The Clockmaker provides free estimates for all watch repairs. Please get in touch via email for more details.

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Customer Testimonial

My wife and I brought in a couple of old clocks and a couple of old pocket watches that had not worked in a long time. Not knowing what to expect, John was right on with his pleasantness and with his honesty about the clocks and watches. He explained the problems right away to us on both the clocks and watches and advised that it would be too costly to repair any of them, as they were not really worth it to spend the kind of money that it would take to get the old Gilbert clock, (especially), going again, as the parts were not going to be available to get it back to new condition. Before we left, I asked if he could adjust the watch band on a new watch that I had purchased recently, he did this without hesitation and free of charge. I would not hesitate to come back and have John repair any of our other clocks or watches.

- Paul Moyle