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Very nice place and knowledgeable. Prices seem fair for repairs.

Christopher Allsop

Was treated to impeccable service from this shop.

Robbie McPhail

Wonderful people and wonderful service. Easy to talk to and knows his stuff. Great watch repair job, and battery change, quick too. Definitely recommend.

Karolina Zak

I went to this shop last week to get my antique wall clock fixed. It was bonging the wrong time. I received wonderful service from John and his associate. Not only was he able to fix my clock, he showed me how to reset it when it bongs the wrong time. Excellent shop and excellent service. I would not hesitate to bring my clock here.

Sarah Wiebe

I just took one of my husband's favourite watches in for repair. The watch had not worked for several years but John found the problem quickly and fixed it while I waited. I found John to be friendly and knowledgeable.  Thanks for the great service!

Roslyn Ralph

I have had nothing but exceptional service from John. He has been trusted with repairing and restoring several watches and clocks that are treasured by my family.  My husband is a vintage watch collector and trusts only John to repair his timepieces. He has sent several other collectors to John with positive feedback.  In summary I would highly recommend John for your clock and watch repair. He is friendly and genuine.  He is very talented at his trade. You will get an honest and respectful opinion from a man with passion for his work.

Danielle McHardy

Awesome, awesome, awesome. It's so nice to have clock and watch repair in our own back yard without having to send things away for two to three weeks. 

Paul McCormick

I've used him twice without any issues. He fixed my wife's watch which was ruined by accidentally dropping it in water. He repaired it within a reasonable amount of time (about 2 weeks) and it has worked perfectly since. I also use him to replace batteries in our expensive watches since I don't trust a kid at a department store watch shop with a high end watch. John is very knowledgeable about watches and clocks.

Online review: heyjohnston

I went in to Mr. Bouwman's shop to look at and discuss Hamilton watches. While there he took the time to answer my questions in a way that only someone in the business, and with the years of experience could do. You’re not going to find that level of knowledge from someone behind the counter of a department store!  I highly recommend him, and yes, I did end up purchasing a watch and I'm very happy with it.

Gord W.

John provided great service and added value in a recent watch adjustment and battery change. Always helpful and a great little store to boot with some other interesting items!! Will go back for sure.

Greg F

My wife and I brought in a couple of old clocks and a couple of old pocket watches that had not worked in a long time. Not knowing what to expect, John was right on with his pleasantness and with his honesty about the clocks and watches. He explained the problems right away to us on both the clocks and watches and advised that it would be too costly to repair any of them, as they were not really worth it to spend the kind of money that it would take to get the old Gilbert clock, (especially), going again, as the parts were not going to be available to get it back to new condition. Before we left, I asked if he could adjust the watch band on a new watch that I had purchased recently, he did this without hesitation and free of charge. I would not hesitate to come back and have John repair any of our other clocks or watches.

Paul Moyle

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Customer Testimonial

Awesome, awesome, awesome. It's so nice to have clock and watch repair in our own back yard without having to send things away for two to three weeks. 

- Paul McCormick